The proof is in the non-dairy pudding…our clients share their stories about the magic of SSW Lifestyle.

A few years ago I had a major ski accident in Verbier, Switzerland.  Two surgeries and a case of lyme disease later, I was a weakened corporate executive thinking about my options and the future of a brand I built from scratch.  Having started a business 13 years before all of this happened, I was left to wonder what I would make of myself if my health continued to decline.

I’m a firm believer that “everything happens at the perfect time,” and that perfect time to meet Simran was in Ibiza the summer of 2016.  She has an amazing energy and reopened my mind to a world of wellness that I had forgotten about during my two years of being more or less ill all the time.  By co-developing a new lifestyle for me that addressed every need of my being: spiritual, emotional, physical and nutritional – we rebuilt my life and brought my fitness level back to where it needed to be – at the top of my game.

After seeing what Simran could do in my personal life, I entrusted our corporate wellness policy to SSW Lifestyle.  Having a wellness policy has transformed our company’s awareness and brought us to the forefront of being a responsible and organic operation that takes seriously our employees and collaborators’ well being in every process of the organisation.

I can wholeheartedly and unequivocally say that Simran is the brightest shining star in a galaxy of wellness professionals that I encounter on my global travels and in the course of bettering myself personally.

John Cooney
CEO, Forbidden City (Switzerland)

For years I had been afflicted with bloating, nausea, acidity, weakness and a generally jaundiced, demoralized view of life, to the point that it had become intolerable. Repeated attempts with conventional medicine provided hardly any relief and, instead, caused a dependence on protein pump inhibitors whose limited efficacy had progressively diminished to be replaced by unwanted side effects.

Simran intervened and changed everything.

She was working with a difficult proposition. I am a vegetarian, 73 years old, hardwired into poor eating habits and a rapidly decaying inclination to exercise. The one thing in my favour was that the advancing years promoted an enthusiasm for meditation. Whilst attempting to rekindle an interest in physical activity, Simran’s primary focus was on my nutrition. Vegetarians are notoriously deficient in proper protein and certain vitamins and mineral salts. She set about prescribing a regime of supplements to correct this. But her most basic insight was that I was allergic to gluten, which was probably the background source of most of my issues. This was problematic as my addiction to wheat-based foods was fundamental. Her strategy was to wean me off these, as well as fried foods, by introducing attractive alternatives, many of which she herself prepared for me. This proved successful and within weeks the turmoil within my system abated.

The enormous sense of wellbeing that has ensued has provided the positive feedback to stick with the programme and to transition, permanently, to better food habits. The relief has also given the incentive to restart exercising. It has also greatly improved the quality of meditation, the indispensable, third component of a balanced life.

There are many health practitoners out there. Simran is different. She combines a deep knowledge of nutrition with a rare intuition about an individual’s unique makeup to assist her evaluation and prescription of a proper, customized, holistic approach that combines nutrition, exercise and meditation. It doesn’t stop there. She monitors, encourages non-intrusively, and modifies the programme over time, if necessary. Most important, the changes in lifestyle that she promotes are gentle enough to be sustainable.

Conventional practitioners, please take serious note.

Pratap – Retired investment banker, aged 73