SSW’s raison d’etre is to help people feel better about themselves.  Ultimately the people and companies we work with all united by a common thread – the desire for self-betterment. The companies we work with nuture their staff, communities and customers to work in a way that optimizes their own health and well-being, thereby creating a ripple effect in their environment at large. If a company is associated with taking care of its own, looking out for their customers, being true to their values and identity, there is a virtuous circle and their bottom lines will reflect this.

The focus is on growth, from the individual to the corporate. We work with our clients on developing a strong brand and personal identity. What do you stand for? Who is your “tribe?” What values do you promote? SSW combines the elements of corporate diligence and a results-oriented approach with the central focus on well-being.

A tree with a strong foundation can weather any storm. Keep flexible, learn to sway with the wind, and stay in harmony with your environment. This holds true in nature as well as for the individual and the company