What We Do

SSW Lifestyle works with companies and individuals in the wellness and lifestyle arena. In the corporate space we help clients hone their image and brand identity. We also work on key aspects of business development and strategy so that our clients can get to the next level of their corporate expansion.

Some of our key clients are mainstream businesses who have taken the progressive leap into integrating a wellness philosophy as a key business tenet. They realize taking care of their staff and clients is core to their business success and development. We work with these leaders to develop their own unique wellness manifesto, and integrate these ideas into tangible workplace best practices.

For our private clients our work is based on the concept of bio-individuality: there is no one size fits all for health and well-being. We work with people who want to overhaul their health and image and create a sustainable, personalised programme to fit their particular lifestyle and goals. Our focus is holistic, working from the inside, out.

Our Clients:

  • Hotels and spas
  • Lifestyle clubs
  • Nutrition and wellness brands
  • Doctors and Medical clinics
  • Corporates
  • Private clients